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Our Story

Brand Story

The year is somewhere in 1700 and you are dressed in rough linen and carrying a goatskin clutch. Now, let’s hop through time and you realise how far fashion has come. Linen is softer than before and there are so many innovative fabric and patterns now in the market for you to choose from. Like you can walk into any store and come across fabrics you never even knew existed ten years ago! However, that clutch of yours, is it still leather? How about changing that, maybe? How about adapting innovation when it comes to your accessories as well?

Hi, we are Poucheo and we are inspired by sustainability and an intention to build a unique and utilitarian space where the environment does not have to suffer in the name of fashion. No crocodiles or snakes are harmed when a Poucheo bag is made. You look great and you feel great knowing Poucheo is truly different than the rest. We are the ones who pay respect to the aphorism: one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. At Poucheo, every paper product is made up of recycled paper.

But, paper? The material we write on, read the newspaper on, turn into balls and play fantasy basketball with our trash cans? Yes, you read that right. And yes, paper does have its fair share of issues. Keeping the environment in mind, we have modified paper by addressing the three tantrums—we mean, the three major challenges that emerge when you want to work with it in an unconventional way:

  • Paper is not waterproof
  • You cannot stitch on paper
  • Paper is tearable

With these problems in mind, let us tell you the story behind Poucheo.

What started as a birthday gift turned into an accidental venture. It was never meant to be a business. The co-founders of Poucheo, Vignesh Iyer and Chandni Niranjan, alumni of IIM-Calcutta, didn’t think a simple birthday gift would come this far.

On the occasion of Chandni’s birthday, Vignesh made her a bag from old wallpaper. Her unique birthday gift attracted the attention of all the aunties and cousins and soon, they found themselves catering to their friends and relatives. The potential for something more suddenly popped up on the horizon.

But it was going to be difficult because paper is a material no artisan or leather craftsman will want to work with. It is flimsy, tearable, un-stitchable and every tailor ever will simply shake their heads at you and tell you better luck next time. This was not going to stop Vignesh and Chandni. With the help of a trusted associate, they took matters into their own hands—grab the reigns of this wild horse of an idea and see where it goes. The solution? Customize their own sewing machine.

Sewing machines are moody creatures who can’t be trusted to stitch anything frail; tailors who work with chiffon and satin will tell you so. So, paper would be an absolute nightmare. However, with a few tweaks here and there and a patented coating later, Poucheo was making bags made from a 100% recycled paper. The end result is a well-engineered fusion of design and function.

Unofficially from July 11, 2019, Vignesh and Chandni launched Poucheo, an eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty-free option for every conscious fashionista. Headquartered in Mumbai, India, Poucheo solved the three challenges:

  • The special coating made every Poucheo product waterproof. Every pretty patterned Poucheo bag can be dipped into water, can be taken swimming with you and it will not disintegrate into a big blob of mushy paper, rest assured.
  • The customised sewing machines are now very much part of Poucheo. They have patented their technology, so in the future, Poucheo is looking to expand their operations and scale and come up with even more exciting and functional products.
  • The blend of the special coating and the innovative sewing has ensured that every bag is non-tearable. You can pull on it as much as you want, even ask Hulk to smash it and the bag will not tear.

Yet, questions might arise: is it really a 100% paper? Oh yes, it is. There is no fabric or PU component in a Poucheo bag. Even the inner lining is made of up paper. We take our corporate social responsibility seriously. Poucheo is looking forward to a bright future where we might get to tie up with manufacturers who are trying to turn a green leaf. With our unique technology, we want to make leather a choice of the past. We can save more than a lakh of animal lives. It’s a fashionable green revolution!

Choosing the best gift for family members and friends have never been this easier. A Poucheo clutch is a great choice for any woman or man you care about. Gifting a Poucheo product makes for a fashionable yet functional gift they can use all the time. Additionally, with so many options in design, you have more to choose from. You can pick things that suit your loved one the best—something that represents their personality or their lifestyle. Poucheo makes for a truly customised gift option for you. Our customers have gifted Poucheo products for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and so much more! 



We put in a lot of consideration into the functionality and the style of your Poucheo product. Among the most critical aspects of designing a Poucheo clutch is making sure it is durable and is capable to keep up with your life, wherever your life may take you, from outdoors to indoors, from parties to regular everyday routines. We want to give you an alternative to a traditional leather or fabric clutch and wallet. If you follow a vegan, cruelty-free lifestyle, Poucheo wants to provide you with that alternative you are looking. If you think killing animals or destroying ecosystems is not cool when it comes to fashion, Poucheo wants to fulfil that demand and give you stylish yet green, conscious options. 



The world keeps changing because as they say, change is constant. Innovations in technology and fashion are happening every day, especially now when so many fashion brands are waking up to the impact they have on the environment and societies. All these changes enhance the way we are living and working today. This means that we do not need to settle for the conventional styles of our forefathers. We can bid adieu to leather and fabric clutches and embrace new and emerging materials. Poucheo is riding this wave of innovation and standing proudly atop this pinnacle of technology. Our vision is to push for more change and look extremely stylish while at it.


Core Values

Poucheo is a socially informed company. Creating eco-friendly and innovative paper products is at the heart of our values. Our innovative technology and sustainable material utilised to create the clutches and other accessories is 100% recyclable and is made up of recycled material.

We are looking to reduce our carbon footprints and leave a better world for tomorrow. As people become more and more conscious about their effects on the environment, they are turning towards substitutes that do not affect the planet. At the core of our values, Poucheo wants to create this option. We want to push for more and more innovation without losing the quality of our style and comfort.



We want you to look fashionable while you feel great about purchasing from Poucheo. Our first responsibility is the environment and how much we can do to preserve it.